The Bikes

New & Improved

It’s all about simple, easy and reliable. Click on the features to see how new bikeshare GeauxVeloBike is the ultimate campus cruiser.


GeauxVeloBikes Standard Features

Even though our features aren't quite so standard ...

Airless Tires

American made, solid polyurethane tires ride just like fully inflated pneumatic tires. The biggest difference? No flats. Ever.


Rear Basket

Perfect for backpacks, takeout or a quick trip to the grocery store.


German Anti-Theft System

Industrial-grade, hardened German steel locks keep our bikes safe and you worry-free.


Fully Adjustable Seating

No funky levers to fight. Just turn the knob and adjust your seat.


Classic Coaster Brakes

GeauxVeloBikes use coaster (back pedal) brakes because they’re safe, easy to use, and provide plenty of braking power.