How does the lock system work?

The lock system involves a key-operated ring lock at the front wheel.

To unlock, insert key into slot on the Left side of the bike, turn the key and the lock will automatically slide open. The Lock will hold the key until the bike is Locked again.

To lock the bike, insert and turn the key, and while the key is turned, slide the lock button down until it clicks into place and key can be removed.


Where can I find a User Guide for the system?

Click here to download the GeauxVeloBikeShare User Guide

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

Your GeauxVeloBike should never be stolen if locked correctly. Bike theft is a crime of opportunity. Other bikes are easier to steal. Just make sure to lock it up every time you park!

However, if you think your bike’s been stolen, contact GeauxVeloBikes and Campus Police. The matter will then be investigated, and fees may apply.

What other fees may apply?

Bikes are due back by midnight. If they are returned after midnight:
Fee: $5.00, plus usage fees

Bikes must be returned within 24 hours. If they are not:
Fee: $50.00

Bike must be returned within 48 hours or it is considered stolen.
Fee: $290.00

Lost Key:
Fee: $25.00

Still have questions?

Have a question that is not addressed on here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.